HR Management and PTO Module for NetSuite

GURUS Solutions developed a feature to allow a user to expand their Human Resources functional areas using NetSuite. The feature allows the user to monitor recruitment activities and extend the standard employee management features. In addition to expanding the HR functional areas of NetSuite we designed a PTO module for one of our customers, a quickly growing IT company looking for a way to streamline the personal time off process. The objective was to minimize administrative overhead, and provide flexibility to the employees while implementing management approvals


Out-of-the-box NetSuite allows for standard employee management features, such as Employee Records and events. The idea behind the HR Management module was to build a more robust system tailor to the needs of an HR Director or department - this included the ability to monitor recruitment activities visually, converting recruitment candidates into employees and more.

Prior to the development of the PTO Module for HR, our customer would rely on emails to the manager and HR department for PTO approval, and on a shared outlook calendar for the out-of-office schedule. This lead to constant manual review of the available PTO time by HR resources, which was becoming more and more inefficient as the company grew.



The HR Management feature can be used to:

1- Monitor recruitment activities:

User will have a role called "HR Manager" - a customization of an existing role to restrict views and to support the features below.

1.1 - Includes dashboard views to monitor recruitment candidates status in a "Time-Line".

1.2 - Can create "Recruitment Events" and link these to a candidate record and to a HR employee(s).

This is a customization of the standard "Events" record in NetSuite to allow the user to create "Recruitment Events". Additionally, these events are restricted to Human Resources, and the form and fields have been customized to prevent these events from interfering with other functional areas. These events can also be linked to "recruitment candidates" and employee records.

1.3- Convert applicant (recruitment candidates) information into a new employee record.

The HR Management feature enables the creation of "Candidate Records" which allows a user to keep track of their recruitment candidates. These records can be created either manually or via online form submissions (requires WebStore features). 

1.4 - Manage recruitment candidates skill sets. "Employee Skills" feature to support more features and options, using saved searches and dashboard views the user can also monitor these in a time-line way.

2 - Extended the standard employee management features

2.1 - Manage Employee Performances Performance records to support more information and to link these to "evaluation events" (just like with recruitment candidates).

The user can now create "Employee Evaluation" records and link them to "Evaluation Events".

2.2 - Manage Employee Competencies

The HR Management feature allows the user to define an employee's competencies with the option of tracking using reports or charts.

2.3- Manage approvals and requests such as vacation leaves and work related absences.

The HR Management feature allows the creation of requests and integrates them with the supervisor, related records, etc. calendar.

2.4 - Allows the creation of "Employee Training Plans" where the user can create and define training plans for their employees and keep track of these using "Training Events", "Performance Evaluation" etc.


The Paid Time Off (PTO) Module includes the following features:

  • Each employee has a given amount of PTO time per year. It varies from employee to employee
  • At the beginning of each year the PTO amount is reset and the balance from the previous year can be carried over
  • Administrators and HR personnel can override the remaining amount of PTO time as needed
  • An employee can initiate a PTO request by selecting the related NetSuite custom form
  • Based on preset rules (quantity of PTO time remaining, quantity of PTO time requested, etc.) the PTO is either directly added to the calendar or routed to the employee's supervisor for approval
  • If required upon approval the PTO is added to the calendar and the employee PTO bank is decreased
  • Email notifications and dashboard searches were also implemented to simplify the management of this feature


The solution that we implemented consists of custom forms, customer fields, custom records, scripts and searches. With this feature the process is greatly improved. A important quantity of PTO requests no longer require approval.

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