NetSuite Member Management

Member management is an extension to NetSuite created to run professional associations or any organization that requires advanced member management functionality.


A client of GURUS Solutions is running a professional association for health care practitioners. They manage thousands of members who participate in classes, seminars and buy books.

They were previously running a homemade system that was antiquated and did not provide the functionality required to expand their business.


GURUS Solutions created Member Management for the customer, which include the following features:

  • Automated member management from subscription to renewal.
  • Member can pay online for their annual dues and for seminars online.
  • Manage multiple members per company.
  • Fully transactional web site to register for classes and accept credit card payment.
  • Manage online classes automatically in the web store (and remove classes that are in the past)
  • View all activities and classes taken by a member in a dashboard format
  • Targeted email marketing campaign capabilities
  • Seminar and class management, manage the number of participants in a class and wait list
  • Manage roster, print badges, and personalized member material
  • Manage presenters/teachers/assistants and ensure they are pre-qualified to give a seminar
  • Integrated accounting system

This extension to NetSuite allows users to save time and increase efficiency; automate manual tasks in member management and therefore manage more members with less effort.

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