GURUS Solutions (North America’s largest NetSuite ERP Partner) gives Newport marine technology innovator, Siren Marine, the engine to fuel expansion in the industry of boating technology.

Siren Marine is a Newport, Rhode Island-based marine technology company. The team at Siren Marine developed a solution to make the lives of boat-owners a lot more practical by creating a cellular-based device that connects to a boat's bilge and battery and notifies users on-shore if a critical event occurs on the boat.

For years, they’ve revolutionized the marine and boating industries with their “Connected Boat” technology (a type of Nest + OnStar for boats), which leverages IoT (the Internet of Things) to create a powerful tool for boat-owners to help them ensure their boats are safe, secure and ready to enjoy.

After seeing the success of their product skyrocket, and the demand increase, Siren Marine began looking for a solution to help them automate and facilitate their business processes. That way, they could spend more time doing what they love, and less time helping their financial system keep up with their growing scope of operations.

So, they turned to NetSuite ERP and GURUS Solutions. Learn how GURUS Solutions turned Siren Marine’s business processes from a paddleboat into a speed boat.


Why Siren Marine Came to GURUS

After widening their scope of operations and seeing expansive growth in the business, Siren Marine began searching for a solution that could grow and expand with their growing operations. In an interview with Siren Marine’s General Manager, Aaron Pape, Pape explains, “We knew we wanted something we could grow into, so we chose NetSuite.”

A solution like NetSuite grows with your company. After a company has implemented NetSuite, they can continue to customize and grow their solution to fit new emerging needs. This can be done through a skilled ERP implementation partner that specializes in customization and development.

After deciding on NetSuite, Pape expresses, “We decided that we really needed to learn more about how NetSuite works and optimize it for what we need and make it more valuable to us by utilizing more of the features.” 

He explains that, after finding the perfect solution, the team knew they needed a partner that could not only implement NetSuite but could also teach the Siren Marine team everything they needed to know about optimizing NetSuite, and in turn, optimizing their own processes. 
So, what did they do?

“So we searched the internet, found GURUS online - they were perfectly willing to help,” says Pape. 

After the teams came in contact, GURUS conducted a business process review to understand Siren Marine’s business processes, their needs, and their goals. This is a crucial step in ensuring solution selection, fit, and scalability for future growth. Essentially, it helps the team decide how to customize and tailor a NetSuite solution to meet the needs of Siren Marine and the world of boat technology. 

It also helps an implementation partner ensure that the NetSuite implementation rolls smoothly, with a look at how each department will be affected.

Once the teams ironed out the details, GURUS Solutions sent in their pros to help move Siren Marine’s processes to the cloud with a NetSuite solution tailored for the boating industry.

Implementing NetSuite for the Boating Industry

A NetSuite solution is completely customizable based on a company’s industry, needs, practices, and scope of operations. With a variety of modules to choose from, a skilled NetSuite partner can take the time to understand your company’s needs and create a tailored solution to fit those needs. 

A NetSuite solution tailored for a company like Siren Marine, takes into consideration different features from industry modules, including:

Working together with the Siren Marine team, GURUS began building the perfect solution. 

When commenting on the NetSuite implementation project, Aaron Pape gushes, “GURUS has been really great since the beginning. They showed us everything from procuring to pay, payment to cash, everything about all the different modules and how they work. It was extremely helpful.”

Not only was it important for the Siren Marine team to have NetSuite financial modules like procure to pay and payment to cash, but it was also extremely important for them to learn how to use and optimize the modules to their full potential. 

Working with GURUS for a full training and knowledge transfer process was extremely important to Siren Marine’s long term success with their NetSuite instance. 

When commenting on the overall outcome of the NetSuite implementation and working with GURUS, Pape says, “GURUS has been really great since the beginning, really taking us from point A all the way to Z, to the point where we have a solution we need and it’s integrated and it’s working, and we can receive support after the fact as well.”

Proving support after the go-live phase is detrimental to a project’s long-term success, to ensure that your NetSuite system is running at its highest efficiency while avoiding unnecessary risks.

The success of a NetSuite project is a reflection of their NetSuite partner, and Siren Marine’s success is grand.

Working With GURUS Solutions 

When asked about Siren Marine’s experience with GURUS Solutions, Aaron Pape explains, “GURUS always made it very easy for us to collaborate, whether it was to fix a problem or to improve upon something that we’re doing, or to create a saved search or a report, or whatever we need.”

After their NetSuite implementation, Siren Marine is seeing a level of growth that is even larger than they hoped for, and now, they are equipped for it.

“So our company is growing pretty quickly - I really feel that GURUS has helped us to stay in pace with the level of growth that we’re trying to achieve. That’s why we got NetSuite in the first place,” says Pape.

After everything, Pape ends his interview by saying, “I would definitely recommend GURUS to anybody - it’s a no brainer, really. A great value-added provider for NetSuite."

Do You Want to Work With GURUS?

GURUS Solutions is the #1 largest NetSuite ERP solutions provider across North America. As a NetSuite Partner, GURUS specializes in everything from implementation, integration, and training to rescues, support and custom solutions. The GURUS Solutions team is recognized by Oracle NetSuite as an 8-year consecutive 5-star award-winning partner.

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