How to Create Purchase Orders in NetSuite

Here's how to create a purchase order in NetSuite

The main method used is to create the transaction directly from the Purchase order record. 

To create a purchase order:

  • Navigate to Transactions > Purchases > Enter purchase orders. 

  • Enter the required information in the header of the form.

  • Add the items at the line level. 

  • Once completed you can go ahead and save. 

You'll notice that the purchase order status will have changed to “Pending Receipt”. 

You'll notice here that we also have a status of “Approved by supervisor”. This is due to the fact that this purchase order also required supervisor approval before it could be available for pending receipt.

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Purchase orders are placed from the transactions tab, as you've just seen. 

The second method to add purchase orders is to use bulk item ordering with which you can enter purchase orders by using either:

  • The Demand Planning feature 

  • The Advanced Inventory Management feature

And that's how you create a purchase order.


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