GURUS Cloud Connect Ep. 8
How Retail Businesses Are Preparing for The Economy Reopening & eCommerce Trends for 2020-2021


Episode synopsis:

While eCommerce has seen a massive spike in their sales over the past months, it’s clear that many large retailers have taken a hit. But is it too late to recover?

A number of businesses have taken the current economic situation of the world to take a look at their current infrastructure and shift their operations online. But what does that mean going forward? 

In this latest episode of GURUS Cloud Connect, we look at what retailers need to do to prepare for the economy reopening. One of the biggest guesses right now is “will retail blow up when stores reopen or will it be taken over entirely by the world of ecommerce? As a business owner, what are some steps that you can take right now to be prepared for any outcome and ensure your success in the long term?

We also address the pros and cons of pivoting your business to operate remotely and online - as well as some of the tools that can help you achieve this without a hitch.

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Our guest for this episode is Alexandra Dufour, Business Development Executive for Canadian Territories at GURUS Solutions.

She’ll be speaking from her knowledge of Canadian retail trends, as well as cloud technology, and her experience in working with many eCommerce businesses across the country.

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