Salesforce and NetSuite Provide Predictability for an Innovator in Post-Acute Healthcare

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Seamless Integration with a Solid Grasp of Stakeholder Requirements

Gurus’ Solutions Quickstart method for Salesforce implementation begins with a strategic business process review, followed by system configuration, including workflows, custom fields, alerts, page layouts, dashboards, and other views. During the personalization step, user profiles, roles, and security levels are defined. This is rounded out by a coaching and knowledge transfer module.

Jamie Montenegro, Accounting Specialist at Optima, spells out the factors that led to the success of the project. “We spoke with a few other consulting companies, but Gurus Solutions stood out in taking the time to truly learn about our business and our processes. They don’t just blindly gather requirements; they make recommendations based on best practices, always looking out for our best interests.”

After cleaning and exporting records from NetSuite into Salesforce, eight different flows needed to be mapped, integrated, and optimized, two of which were bi-directional, and six unidirectional. The technical team chose Boomi as the connector, and Gurus deployed core features of Pardot with out-of-the-box integration.

“Because Gurus has a dedicated team for each project, no time is wasted on bringing people up to speed whenever you engage with them,” Montenegro elaborates. “Absolutely zero information is lost. Gurus’ iterative approach of cycling in iterations kept us all aligned, and helped us avoid surprises.”

Increased Transparency Strengthens the Sales Team

Optima noticed the intended effects almost immediately. “Our billing process has significantly improved since we started using Gurus,” says Montenegro. “They helped create a high level of efficiency in our invoicing systems by introducing customization. We’re still growing and coming up with different billing scenarios, so this customization will come in handy when dealing with new challenges related to this.”

George Fox agrees. “The improvements in reporting have been phenomenal. We’ve come a long way from generating reports in Excel to now being able to drill into underlying details based on product line, close date, and other filters. We have the transparency and predictability required to know what we’re going to close in the quarter, how we’re going to get to the numbers, and what’s coming next. We can even monitor how many leads we get from individual marketing campaigns and determine the ROI on each one. Using Gurus Solutions to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite was absolutely the right choice. The caliber of their team has impressed our entire organization.”

Results Overview

  • Intelligent integration of NetSuite, Salesforce, and Pardot
  • Sherpa Method for iterative cycling led to an efficient project
  • Reporting provides unprecedented transparency and sales agility
  • Customization equips team to deal with future exceptions
  • Scalability has enabled tripling of sales staff

“Gurus Solutions stood out in taking the time to truly learn about our business and our processes.”

—Jamie Montenegro, Accounting Specialist, Optima Healthcare Solutions


“Using Gurus Solutions to integrated Salesforce and NetSuite was absolutely the right choice. The calibre of their team has impressed our entire organization.”

—George Fox, VP of Sales & Marketing Operations, Optima Healthcare Solutions

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