NetSuite Tools for Different User Types

& What You Can Customize (Overview)


Are you looking to customize your NetSuite to get the perfect user experience? 

If you’re wondering what tools are available in NetSuite across different user types, or how you can customize your NetSuite dashboards to access the features that you want, you’ve come to the right place.

Watch this quick overview video for a deeper look at NetSuite functionalities by user type, and to learn how you can customize your own NetSuite dashboard and user experience to fit your unique needs.

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Video Transcript

NetSuite has the right tools for every user type and that begins with the Everyday User. As they can customize their own experience, they can build their own dashboard, searches, and reports -  that's a cross-platform, as we see here. 

We do have the mobile app, and then otherwise we can use it in any browser, whether on a tablet or on our computer.

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The Business Analyst in that suite can actually customize and configure the instance themselves, meaning we don't need to know how to code to change the automated business rules to integrate apps or to configure workflows, forms, and fields. 

Of course, the Developer still does have a role in that suite. We can customize the instance with script and NetSuite provides for a robust development environment. But, we can manage the lifecycle of those customizations. 

As an Administrator, I have oversight into how my roles are configured, how those customizations are set up in my instance, and of course, the security of the instance. So I can govern all about myself, which brings me to the CIO, who is also concerned with the governance but even more so with that security and compliance. 

And of course, as a CIO, piece of mind knowing that NetSuite meets and exceeds a myriad of audit and compliance standards as we see in this list here. That 99.99% uptime also adds to that peace of mind.

The partners in the Partner Network can actually extend the NetSuite instance, so we're not just left with the core suite of modules. There are other bundles we can bring into our instance to enhance the functionality we have. This means that we have a Suite App Marketplace for customers as well as publishers or those Suite Cloud Developers in the network.

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