Who are NetSuite Customers?

By: Athen Bozoglu


Company size doesn’t matter

NetSuite is a great software solution for a company of any size. It’s used by over 40,000 small to medium businesses around the world in wide range of industries. For the past few years, however, it’s become widely used by larger scale companies, as NetSuite also offer dedicated servers for companies who need a stronger focus on speed/performance of the NetSuite platform.

Why do companies choose NetSuite?

One of the main reasons companies choose NetSuite is because it can easily scale up and grow their business without having to worry about their IT infrastructure. If the company grows quickly over time, it is very easy to buy additional NetSuite licenses as they hire more employees.

Industry Types

NetSuite's strongest selling point as a cloud ERP is that it can be easily adapted and customized for any company with a non-standard business procedure. Some of the industries that use NetSuite regularly to manage their day-to-day work are:



NetSuite offers an easy-to-understand process flow that facilitates daily tasks, from taking a customer orders to receiving payment and handling customer returns. It is also an ideal software for eCommerce business, as it specifically offers an eCommerce platform that is integrated with the inventory, sales order, pricing rules, etc.

Another valuable component of NetSuite’s is its ability to handle customer support with support cases and escalation procedures. This simplifies communication by tracking interactions between the customer and the company.


NetSuite can easily handle manufacturing processes while having a stronger focus on the financial aspects of manufacturing, i.e. deciding how much the manufacturer should order based on sales and profit reports. NetSuite offers many other features to help manage manufacturing processes:

  • demand planning
  • inventory and allocations
  • replenishment
  • advanced procurement, and more!

Professional Services

NetSuite contains many modules to help professional services companies (i.e. law, accounting and insurance firms, real estate brokerages, etc.) to manage their projects, their resources, hourly rates, estimated project budget, and profitability. All in all, it offers up fast and easy solutions to methodically manage company finances.

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